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Is this not the best place to eat or what?!?!

Yeah, it’s the best!!!! Going here tonight!

This is Angie by the way (Hannah’s friend) I was wondering if I could see the menu for the restaurant? My health class is making us do something for restaurants and things like that. Please help!

Which Asia Kitch, the one i went to wasin Knoxville and it was AMAZING! you could get the menu from online, i didn't get one. Wish i did

Is this a buffet or a restaurant?

It is a restaurant but becomes a buffet if you have more than 4 people. You can sit in the round table where you can easily circulate the food and try everything. The food portion is large so either order few dishes than number of people or to go!!

Do they do a Hot Pot?

They do, several different kinds

What is the general price of the food there? Is it going to cost 2 people $30 or $60?

Prices are very reasonable, and during the week they have a lunch menu which includes soup or egg roll at $7:00. Food is excellent and worth every penny.

Do they have bubble tea?

Yes, they have bubble tea.

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